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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Actions on current issues discussed

  1. 21.08.2014 Hb stopped responding and did not move out of stuck due to pull switch was pulled out because of the loose cable wrap. This rare condition was solved by Brett.
  2. Anemometer at Yg does not show in system monitor – Brett to investigate how it can be connected.
  3. Anemonitor should connect automatically at all stations after timepc is restarted, which it does not always do. Brett and Jamime to investigate.
  4. Chris volunteered to make a script to extract late on-source events from the log. Liza to provide example log.
  5. Imogen to notify local staff at the observatories to mark front panest of modules with visible VSN labels for Aust marathon.
  6. Imogen to notify local staff at the observatories before Friday to take care of the media for the weekend AUSTs.
  7. Jim to look into feasibility to use DocBook instead of wiki for the ops documantation

Recommendations to observers

  1. One handover note for one experiment: observers should create separate handover notes for weekend AUSTs
  2. At Yg, observers should start the schedule 30 min earlier the official start to check that the telescope moves and have time to restart it manually if it is stuck. Valid till the reason for this problem is found and eliminated.
  3. Observers should fill the AuScope IVS Modules spreadsheet (in the bottom of operations page ) with the VSNs of the modules used in the experiment. If more than one module used, list them all.
  4. Check the integer time offsets of FS (last number of the responce to the mk5=dot? command):
  2014.147.03:28:30.01/mk5/!dot? 0 : 2014y147d03h28m28.0182s : syncerr_eq_0 : FHG_on : 2014y147d03h28m30.0190s : -2.000765s ;

If such offsets appear, they must be logged and preferably corrected by fmset between scans.

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