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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Code UT Start Antennas Roster On Call Reports % Used Comments
Date Time Observation Correlation Analyst Ho Hb Ke Yg
R1595 JUL 22 17:00 HbKeYg Anita, Jacqui, Dave Jim OK yes yes 89.5 93.0 94.5
RD1305 JUL 23 17:30 Ho Dave, Warren, Claire Jamie OK yes yes 29.0 High data loss due to bad schedule
Week of Jul 28
R1596 JUL 29 17:00 HbKe Claire, Anita, Jacqui Warren Hbyes yes 59.1 66.4
CRDS66 JUL 30 17:30 HoHbKe Jacqui, Dave, Warren Jamie Ho Hb yes yes 70.4 42.1 70.4 Review
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