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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Mark5 Module VSN Check

The Mark5 modules have a unique label (VSN) written on a sticker on the disk and electronically on the module itself. They should agree. This procedure describes how to check them and what to do if they disagree.


In e-Remote control, type :


e-Remote Control should show which bank is currently active, the inactive one will be greyed out. The last line in the log reports the VSN number for the currently selected module bank (e.g. HAY-0029/2000/1024).

Point your web browser to the control room Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) web camera:

These cameras have pre-defined way-points (menu in lower right). Select the Mark5 recorder (e.g. for Hobart it's “mk5hb”). you may have to pan and zoom a bit to ready the label. Compare the label with the one reported by e-Remote control. If they agree, then fine. If not, see below.

If it's dark in the Katherine control room and you can't see the modules, you can turn on the lights at Katherine but please remember to turn them off again when you're finished to discourage the insects.

If there is a second module loaded, select it as follows:


Then repeat the ready_disk and mk5=vsn? commands as above and compare labels.

Once you've checked and repaired the labels (if necessary), make sure you've selected the appropriate module for the experiment. This to swap modules:


and this to make e-Remote Control update it's display:


Repairing VSN labels

DO NOT use this procedure if there is already data on the module

If the VSN reported by e-Remote control doesn't agree with the sticker, do the following:

First make sure you have the correct module selected (see above), then…

If the bar-coded label says, for example “HOB+0056”, at e-Remote Control prompt:


The last command should return the label name, disk capacity (in GB) and block size. Confirm that this agrees with the label.

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