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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

This is an old revision of the document!

Starting e-Remote Control

e-Remote Control (formerly known as econtrol) can be started from the Applications menu on ops2:

Applications -> AuScope [Hobart|Katherine|Yarragadee] -> econtrol

Click on the boxes next to “StatusMonitor“ and “Logging and Operator Input”. This should trigger the program to connect to pcfs[hb|ke|yg] and you’ll see a status window and log window. If you don't see any information updating in the status window, type [ctrl]-[shift]-e to start the server process on the field system. You can send PCFS commands and comments from the bottom of the log window. Note you won’t see the log window update until the next scheduled command is sent.

Set up the log monitor to provide warnings and alarms:

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