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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m

Disk VSN: HOB+1003

Data volume at beginning: 1.433 GB

  • 14:30UT mkv could not be contacted and needed a reboot. Updated wiki with reboot instructions. (Arwin)
  • 16:33UT Exp started OK and on time. (Arwin)
  • 16:33UT The sum file is called rd1703ho but the scans are for rd1702ho? The fs system is getting the correct scans and source, I checked this in the log scan_name=051-1633,rd1703,ho,40,40 and 2017.051.16:15:55.77:source=0700-197,070032.35,-194655.8,1950. (Arwin)
  • 08:30UT The Vacuum pressure is 3.8 and 70K stage at 75. Consulted with Brett, he recommends keeping an eye and calling him if it doesnt come down. (Arwin)
  • 10:10UY The Vacuum pressure has dropped to 2.8. The 70K stage also drooping slowly, currently at 62.8, down from 65. (Arwin)
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