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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

DBBC Calibration

  • Apply a tone of 764 MHz at -15 dBm to one input 1 of all four CoMos
  • Use dbbc_config_file_104_calibration.txt
  • Set dbbcifa/b/c/d=3,agc,1 (i.e. input 3, filter 1)
  • Once gains have stabilised, turn off the agc loop with dbbc=dbbcgain=all,man
  • Run “calibration” in DBBC Control
  • dbbc=dbbcgain=all,agc
  • The results are written to C:\ as yyyy-ddddThhmmss-calib.txt
  • The file has 5 columns: phase, CoMo A/B/C/D value. Pick the phase at the null past the first peak.
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