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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Network connection


Orig IP Dest Usage
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF A
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF B
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF C
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF D
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF E
FlexBuff DBBC 3 IF F
FlexBuff DBBC 2 S-band
FlexBuff [Reserved] Network
dBBC3 FlexBuff:46227 IF A
dBBC3 FlexBuff:46228 IF B
dBBC3 FlexBuff:46229 IF C
dBBC3 FlexBuff:46230 IF D
dBBC3 FlexBuff:46231 IF E
dBBC3 FlexBuff:46232 IF F
dBBC2 FlexBuff S-band
dBBC2 ? ?


Flexbuff network settings are defined in /etc/network/interfaces/. New Debian versions tend to label eth0 into ens3f0. The definitions might vary depending on the host machine:

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet static
mtu 9000


Networks settings in the dbbc3 can be defined in the fila10g config file:


or in the python configuration script:

# default values (core3h=1,ip_dest=7,net_port=46227)
dbbcComms(sd,'core3h={},destination 0 192.168.1.{}:{}'.format(core3h,ip_dest,net_port))


In the fila10G configuration file (for example:

echo “tengbcfg eth0 mac=ba:dc:af:e4:be:e0” | nc -w 1 dbbcho 6789
echo “tengbcfg eth0 ip= port=46227 nm=27 gateway=” | nc -w 1 dbbcho 6789
echo “tengbarp eth0 13 90:E2:BA:C6:9E:58” | nc -w 1 dbbcho 6789
echo “destination 0” | nc -w 1 dbbcho 6789

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