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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Observing APOD

APOD, a chinese CubSat has been in Space since late 2015. One of its satellites carries a VLBI beacon. Since then, several efforts were undertaken to observe APOD.

Observing APOD with AuScope

We have had several attempts in observing APOD with the AuScope antennas in Hobart, Katherine and Yarragadee. Due to the long baselines, the tracks are relatively short. Our attempts here at the University of Tasmania to correlate the data have not really been successful so far. However, in November we will intensively try to collect more data. This includes an optimised tracking (continuous tracking should be possible with our antennas) and the observations themselves. Andreas Hellerschmied from Vienna will visit us and Tim Natusch from Auckland has also agreed to support us by providing the Warkworth antenna. Hoping to report on successful observations soon.

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