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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

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Chair/Presenting: Ellen/

In Attendance:

Apologies: Jonathan, Arwin




  • Anemometer at Yg giving crazy readings (R4752). J-Mac disabled to avoid unnecessary windstows, has this been fixed?
  • Ho - AUA012 experiment did not start, major problems with the set up (Tiege) - something wrong with the proc file. Was this a one off thing, or does it need to be investigated further?
  • Yg maser unable to be viewed via vnc (R1752). Somehow it fixed itself? Has this happened since/previously?
  • Noticed that in some experiments, there is uncertainty in the missed scans. This is recorded in the log files that show up when running the end of experiment script so it's very easy to check (if you know the rough time this happened) by the person finishing up.
  • New time? Most of the people have voted now, Thursday 1 pm suits all (
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