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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Nov 10, 2200UT (unless people prefer 2300)

Any additions, changes?

1. Any new issues from Warkworth?

2. Any new issues from Auscope?

3. FMSET “freezing” issue at Warkworth

4. Follow-up on clock breaks.

 Recent reported breaks:
   r4704 (Sep10)
     KATH12M had three clock breaks: one break has same magnitudes in
     SB and group delays on both bands (perhaps, a real clock break),
     it appeared on 15/09/11 10:50 with the magnitude of about -11ns
     (plus some band-dependent remainders). The other two clock
     breaks are visible only on the X-band and have small magnitudes:
     epoch: 15/09/11 06:05 magnitude: 0.716ns
            15/09/11 14:12           -1.737ns
   r4706 (Sep24)
     A small (~0.75ns) clock break on the X-band is visible for
     KATH12M observations at 15/09/25 06:54.
   r1708 (Oct05)
     Clock break at Kath12m ~16:11:06 (-.7 nsec).
     Clock break at Yarra12m ~00:33;17 (.9 nsec).
   r1709 (Oct13)
     HOBART26: clock break at ~02:17:22 (-3.5 nsec).
   r1710 (Oct19)
     Hobart26 breaks at ~06:31:22 (+.7 nsec) and ~15:40:47 (-.9

5. Final testing of windstow recovery fix.

6. NTP (pcfshb & others): need more stratum 1 servers

7. r4711 katherine

   fs unresponsive. Required a reload. No impact. Probably not the
   FS but what happened? It would help if operators provided more
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