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DBBC front covers

During the Hobart miniTOW overheating of the rear pci cards was discussed. It was decided that the clear front panels should be re-installed to provide the correct airflow to the rear boards.

15/6/2012 - Front panel reinstalled on Hb dbbc. Now good airflow through rear slots.

20/6/2012 - Front panel reinstalled on Yg dbbc. Air exiting rear slots now much stronger and cooler.


Moblas people, 2012/06/20 07:59

Jim, is this the best spot for this sort of minor equipment change entry? Or should it go in that link above - summary of recent SEFD measurements , events and changes (which seems oldish)?

Jim Lovell, 2012/06/21 11:31

That summary page should probably go, it was in use when we were debugging Hobart (mostly). This is the right place for logging this sort of thing.

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