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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

DBBC software upgrades

Hb and Ke DBBCs have had upgrades to v102 of the firmware and corresponding software. Yg is still at v100 for now as routing through CoMos A and B are swapped.

Note that with the new software, the config file formats are different. Also there is a bug at the moment: when the client software is started, it expects the new file format. However, the load command still expects the old format!

IF target levels for Hb and Ke now default to those determined by optimisation of PCAL signals. The old (higher) target levels are still required for SEFD, pointing and (possibly) Tsys measurements, hence a “point” config file.

New config files are as follows. They have been edited for the appropriate target IF levels and phase (calibration) settings:

dbbc_config_file_102.txt                  New format, loaded at start
dbbc_config_file_102_APSG_CRF.txt         APSG/CRF config
dbbc_config_file_102_T2_OHIG.txt          T2/OHIG config
dbbc_config_file_102_aust.txt             AUSTRAL experiment config
dbbc_config_file_102_point.txt            For pointing. Higher IF target levels for more resolution
dbbc_config_file_102_rapid.txt            For R1/R4

The appropriate file should be loaded at the start of each experiment.

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