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Katherine repairs

Three major repairs were finished on 2/12/15

* DBBC * IF wiring * Anemometer

DBBC: The Katherine DBBC is fully repaired as of 2/12/15. It originally failed 24/11/15, during r1715 with a total comms failure. This was eventually traced to the PCI7200 board, where the driver chip had burnt out. Replacing this board allowed Katherine to resume observations but with some apparent communication problems with the core2 units - bbc attenuations were being mis-set dur to a stuck bit in the communications line. The problem developed further after an initial inspection and no communications with either the CoMos or Core power levels could be made. The problem was eventually resolved on 1/12/15 when the PCI9111 board was replaced, but it may be that it was a connection issue instead - the PC frame is warped at Ke and it's possible to have some PCI lnes now connected through the backplane to the CPU.

IF wiring: The power level of SRCP going into CoMo D was unusually low in testing after the repair. It appears that the hardline or SMA connector was not making a good connection between the IF box and DBBC. Removing a replacing the hardline between the IF box output and DBBC radically improved the power level (~30 dB).

Anemometer: The anemometer at Katherine has suffered a fault and is reporting 1000 km/h winds. It has been turned off (using ispke) to avoid triggering spurious windstows. Until it is repaired, observers should use the weather radar at Katherine to look out for storm activity at Katherine.

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