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R1474 Observation

During the R1474 observations on the 16th March 2011 a problem was encountered. The autocorrelation plot looked like the one in the example that can usually be safely ignored see (here). This was misinterpreted by the observer as an issue with the dbbc. Further investigation showed dimino to not be running. A restart of dimino did nothing to improve the situation. Furthermore there were then errors reported on pmstalmhb to do with being unable to contact the mk5.

The dbbc was re-setup at which time the autocorrelation display appeared normal. However observer error meant the wrong line number was given and the 12m went slewing off through a whole bunch of sources. The schedule was halted and resumed at the correct line number but now Mk5 connection issues re-emerged. A final restart of dimino fixed the issues.

After this systemp12 would no longer run, complaining about an error with the ./ script. There were also multiple “formatter is offset from the FS time” and “warning onsource status is slewing” errors during this run.

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