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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

R1490 preparation


Pointing checked and model updated

0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 144 187 66 4

15.05 11.91 4.93 20.59 0.00 0.00 0.00 11.90 15.05 14.99 11.84 11.76 14.78 11.68 28.68 54.38 25.34 21.38 1020.00 4.69 5.08 AUTO Crossed Direct


DBBC IF A dbbcifa/1,7,agc,1,54798
DBBC IF B dbbcifb/4,2,agc,4,48101
DBBC IF C dbbcifc/2,0,agc,2,54046
DBBC IF D dbbcifd/2,12,agc,2,55140
DBBC BBC01 dbbc01/612.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,8661,9279,0,0
DBBC BBC02 dbbc02/652.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,7328,7651,0,0
DBBC BBC03 dbbc03/752.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,9006,8924,0,0
DBBC BBC04 dbbc04/912.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,2829,3058,0,0
DBBC BBC05 dbbc05/1132.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,1775,1723,0,0
DBBC BBC06 dbbc06/1252.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,3363,3222,0,0
DBBC BBC07 dbbc07/1312.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,3623,3847,0,0
DBBC BBC08 dbbc08/1332.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,2600,2913,0,0
DBBC BBC09 dbbc09/325.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,17111,12823,0,0
DBBC BBC10 dbbc10/345.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,17450,14744,0,0
DBBC BBC11 dbbc11/365.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,12772,15477,0,0
DBBC BBC12 dbbc12/395.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,13573,12408,0,0
DBBC BBC13 dbbc13/445.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,16116,15946,0,0
DBBC BBC14 dbbc14/465.990000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,6616,11144,0,0
DBBC BBC15 dbbc15/300.000000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,12869,13485,0,0
DBBC BBC16 dbbc16/300.000000,a,8,8,1,agc,10,10,12869,13485,0,0


DC Pointing offset of -0.0461 deg in xEL found today. It wasn't there last Thursday. Wind loading? Will need checking again after this experiment.

P1 is now -0.0465.

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