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Stuck bits at Ke

MK5-2ke shows a stuck bit in channel 15. First noticed 22 May and may have been persistent throughout CONT14. Autocorrelations show this in 1-bit data but not 2-bit.

Removing connector at mk5 end, cleaning and re-seating didn't fix the problem. Continuing to investigate..


Elizaveta Rastorgueva-Foi, 2014/06/22 01:57

“stuck bit” problem, in our opinion, is related to VSI OUT connectors: ch15 (S) to VSI1 (rear) (was problematic from the beginning), ch5 (X) to VSI2 (front) (emerged after the inspection and refitting of FILA OUT board). Gino's opinion is that the problem is related to the Core2 board. We are currently checking the individual pins on the FILA OUT VSI connectors to check which one is right.

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