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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

Yarragadee limit testing 7 April 2011

New pointing solutions have been installed:

P1 = -0.0058
P2 = 0
P3 = 0.0142
P4 = 0.0114
P5 = -0.0081
P7 = 0
P8 = -0.0265
P9 = -0.001

and drive offsets (20.21 in az and el) set to 0.1141 deg and -3.5933 deg respectively.

Running in velocity mode we hit the hard limit before the soft limit

Further observing and debugging showed the encoder offsets were inserted with the wrong sign! Fixing this remedied the elevation limit problem but the Az hard limits were moved out slightly to give +/- 270 deg movement.

Some piggy-backed data collected during r4477.

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