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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


The scheduler runs on lummox. To check the progress, you can vnc into this machine (usual password).

vncviewer lummox

The scheduler is running in Matlab. In the command window you can follow the progress. This is either a scheduling (every 15 min) or a new line “sleeping ….” each minute in between. If the scheduler is not running (indicated by red error messages in the command window), please restart the scheduler by typing


into the commmand window. Usually you can find this command by typing the Up-arrow.

In case you want to stop the scheduler before restarting, you can do this with Ctrl+c.

For testing, one can manually set the antennas available “1” or not “0”.

echo “available hb 1” | nc -w1 fourier 63000

update flux catalog

ssh observer@ares1-mp




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