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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



  • Start disk position: 0 GB (VSN: HOB+0127)
  • Halting schedule at DOY/UT 258/01:00, scan 258-0101, source OJ287 for system checks. Also inserted 2TB module into Bank B as USN-0201.
  • 258-0134 9901 0648-165 276 31 NEUTR 01:34:35 01:35:13 0:38 5360.5
  • Schedule resumed at UT 01:34, but mk5 recording error of some sort
  • Halted schedule at UT 01:39 to fix mk5hb issue
  • Restart scheduled UT 01:48. mk5 recording successful
  • Schedule stopped again at UT 01:51 for spaceX test
  • Schedule resumed at UT 02:15. First source is to be nrao530. Est. data deficiency is 341 GB


  • Start disk position: 0 GB (VSN: HOB+0125)
  • Eremote and backup stopped working (257-03:18 UT), had to login as su and kill and restart the processes (restored 257-04:20 UT) {Ellen}
  • 2TB module inserted into Bank B at UT 22:53


  • Start disk position: 19,263 GB (VSN: HOB+0121)
  • Tsys band 11 ok, the rest of S band is too high {Ellen}
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