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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hb HOB+0127 (5433 GB)

  • UT03:16 - Experiment started OK

Ke HOB+0125 (5973 GB)

  • UT03:16 - Experiment started OK
  • 0400 UT – schedule accidentally halted (Ke rather than Yg for system check). Back on schedule at 04:07:47. Scans 258-0400 – 258-0405a missed.

Yg HOB+0121 (25063 GB)

  • UT03:16 - Experiment started OK
  • UT04:00 - Halting schedule for system checks. mk5 appeared to have 'lost' its pointing position on the disk after halting the schedule. However, this was eventually corrected by Jamie before restarting the schedule.
  • UT04:54 - Schedule restarting w 223 GB deficiency post system checks. Missed scans from: 258-0401 to 258-0448
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