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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hb (Recording to HOB+0127) at 8,377 GB

  • UT 01:15 Schedule halted for system checks at scan 260-0115b. ~10 TB on disk
  • UT 01:48 System checks over. Expected first scan to be 260-0153b at UT 01:53. Disk deficiency of 160 GB.

Ke Recording to HOB+0125 at 9,171 GB

  • UT 23:25 schedule halted due to FS crash, 10081 GB recorded. Restarted at UT 23:33.
  • UT 00:57 Scans from last hour are lost due to FS crash again.
  • UT 01:16 Restarted OK. Expecting scans from 259-2326 to 260-0116 to be missing. Disk deficiency of ~450 GB.

Yg Started on HOB+0119 at 0 GB but changed to HOB+1007 at UT 01:07

  • UT 22:59 Swapped disk in bankA (R1 exp) - now mk5 does not record: mk5 connection failure.
  • UT 23:03 - schedule halted. 499 GB recorded so far. Scan is 259-2301a.
  • Discovered that the pointers on the 32 TB disk have become confounded as prior to UT 23:03, diskpos is ~1TB
  • UT 23:40 Schedule restarted
  • UT 23:46 Expect first valid scan to be 259-2343. However, again, mk5 connection failure.
  • UT 01:07 recording this experiment to HOB+1007 now
  • UT 01:08 Expecting first scan to be 260-0108. Looks good now.


Christopher Jordan, 2014/09/16 23:37


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