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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Module: HOB+0108, +0GB

  • Good pointing fit. (Dave)
  • 22:10 UT: Autocorrelation spectra steep in bands 07 and 08 (inverted) and 10, and ludicrously steep in bands 15 and 16 (Ross).


Module: HOB+1010, +0GB

  • Could not get a good pointing fit. (Dave)


Module: HOB+1007, +0GB

  • Good pointing fit. (Dave)
  • eRc refusing to connect. Using backup FS interface. (Dave)
  • Tsys still looking good! AGC in IFC is close to saturated though at ~62. (Dave)
  • 22:05 UT: eRemote Control restarted and working fine (Ross).
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