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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Module: HOB+0068, start pos 1654.996 GB

  • 17:30 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
  • 19:21 UT - Windstowed. (Ellen)
  • 22:04 UT - basically still wind stowed, a couple of scans might be good in between (Lucia)
  • 23:34 UT - antenna didn't recover automatically from wind stow (elevation stuck). Schedule halted, trying to fix it. Then auto wind stow again. (Lucia)
  • 07:52 UT - throughout day approximately one out of every three scans is partially recorded, rarely unstowed for longer than a few minutes. A few scans may be okay though (Ross).
  • 09:31 UT - Onsource and recording from 343-0931a through 343-1019b, (missed 343-1021a through 343-1023), 343-1033, 343-1038, (missed 343-1040a) and 343-1043 onwards (Ross)


Module: USN-0097, start pos 0 GB

  • 17:45 UT - Experiment started late due to DBBC issues. First scan: 342-1754. (Ellen)
  • 10:04 UT - clock jump, missed scans 343-1003 and 343-1007b. (Ross)


Module: UVLBI-27, start pos 1274.471 GB

  • 17:30 UT - Experiment started ok. (Ellen)
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