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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 12m:

Disk VSN: HOB+0118

Data volume at beginning: 2507.301 GB

  • 18:00UT Exp started OK. First source was 0834-201. Antenna checks and fringe check not done, due to time constraints.
  • 00:27UT Wind stow. 23:39-00:07. (Lucia)
  • 00:40UT Wind stow. Antenna changes frequently between stowing and operating now. Need to extract all stowing times using Arwin's script once the experiment has finished. (Lucia)

Katherine 12m:

Disk VSN: USN+0225

Data volume at beginning: 2074.354 GB

  • 18:00 UT Exp started OK. First source 0834-201. Antenna checks and fringe check not done, due to time constraints.
  • 07:35 UT Noticed that the met sensor is stuck - has been reporting the same value on weather checks since experiment start. Called Jamie - fixing in 30 mins. Unreliable weather data prior to fix (Bryn) (note: correct weather data is from 11:23 UT onward! -Tiege)
  • 15:00 UT Attempted to switch module in between scans, unfortunately the new module was in read only mode (error: error m5 -900 bank is write protected) , called Jamie, he was able to fix it using “mk5=protect=off” and “mk5=reset=erase”. BEWARE: If you are looking back at these handover notes after getting the same problem, I am assuming “mk5=reset=erase” fully wipes the disk, make sure the disk is empty (not that this is likely to occur if the disk already has data written onto it) before going ahead. First scan on new module is 033-1521, however, only latter part of scan is valid. Missed scans are 033-1503 to 033-1517 inclusive. (Tiege)

Yarragadee 12m:

Disk VSN: HOB+0076

Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

  • 18:17 UT Exp started late, mk5 had crashed and needed a few power cycles before it came back online. Fist scan should be 032-1822 and the source 0537-441. data offset 121.5 GB.
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