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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26

Disk VSN: OSOD-038

Data Volume at Beginning: 1179.952 GB

  • 18:20 UT Resumed schedule whilst trying to sort out “WARNING: error ma -829 mk4 fm illegal sample rate” (Ross)
  • 18:37 UT Loaded aua022 procedure to suppress error messages, this has a higher sample rate. First valid scan is 288-1840 (Ross)
  • 22:00 UT Module has run out of free space, being fixed at 9am (Ross)
  • 23:49 UT Module SOD-038 out of free space, switched to module HOB+0021 (Warren)
  • 229.00:57 UT Cryo 20K not reporting properly, pressure OK; rxp doesn't report correctly, receiver is OK SX (Warren)
  • 229.01:08 UT Wind stowed; not on source scans 229-0108 to 229-0139 then recording halted (Warren)
  • 04:31 UT wind stow from 229-0420


Disk VSN: HOB+0039, HOB+0033

Data Volume at Beginning: 0 GB

  • 18:00 UT Experiment started OK (Ross)
  • 04:50 UT mk5 died but could ping so Jamie rebooted it. Restarted dim and had to reset ntpq. But okay now. Affected scans: 229-0450, 229-0452 and 229-0454.(Liz)
  • 05:13 UT mk5 actually died this time, no ping.Missed scans from 229-0513. Jamie says problem with module. Had to ring Mick to go out and change it over. First scan on new module 229-0552(Liz)


Disk VSN: IAAE-018

Data Volume at Beginning: 1758.617 GB

  • 18:00 UT Experiment started OK (Ross)
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