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Hobart 12m:

Disk VSN: HOB+0120 Data volume at beginning: 0GB

23:50UT - Not starting schedule due to very high winds consistently above 55kph. Rather than break anything, I will leave the schedule until the wind dies down. (Imogen)

01:37UT - schedule started after wind dropped below 40kph for long enough (Imogen)

02:47UT - wind stow activated, gust of 88kph (!) (Imogen)

03:05UT - wind stow activated, came out of wind stow for about 10 minutes, then went back into stow again (Imogen)

03:22UT - came out of wind stow (Imogen)

03:57UT - wind stow activated (Imogen)

04:09UT - came out of wind stow (Imogen)

04:17UT - wind stow activated (Imogen)

04:35UT - came out of wind stow (Imogen)

04:37UT - back into wind stow again. Gusts are getting much higher again up to 75 kph, halted schedule and stowed antenna or something is going to get broken (Imogen)

08:12 UT - back on source for scan 017-0815, average wind has decreased for the moment, still some strong gusts. (Warren)

08:17 UT -stowed immediately after 017-0815, stowed for scan 017-0817 (W)

08:27 UT - back again for scan 017-0833, just under stow threshold, antenna being buffeted (W)

08:38 UT - stowed during scan 017-0837a, wind increasing (W)

08:43 UT - recording halted, recorded scans 017-0840a, 017-0842, 017-0843 no good (W)

09:18 UT -sched resumed, first scan 017-0924 then 10:07; wind stowed during scan 017-1006, recorded scans 017-1009, 017-1010 no good (W)

10:16 UT -sched resumed, first scan 017-1021 (W)

20:23 UT - A gust of wind triggered the autostow. This affects the tail end of source 017-2021, and nothing is recorded until 017-2032a (Chris).

21:07 UT - Another gust triggered autostow at 21:02. Released at 21:07.

Katherine 12m: Disk VSN: HOB+1002 Data volume at beginning: 0GB

23:15UT: DBBC attenuation levels were incorrect, restarted dbbc software, fixed the problem (Imogen)

23:30UT: Mark 5 would not get bank status, restarted mark 5, resynced with fmset, all good (Imogen)

23:45UT: lost connection with pcfske, could not get back into VNC session, but was able to ssh into pcfske and run field system from a remote terminal, everything working ok (connected to eremotectrl ok), except for the lack of VNC session (Imogen)

23:53UT: didn't get time to do five point check due to mark 5/dbbc/pcfs problems (Imogen)

21:10 UT: Antenna was apparently stuck for a few scans:

2015.017.21:08:35.11#trakl#Antenna stuck

2015.017.21:08:52.14#trakl#Antenna stuck

2015.017.21:09:07.11#trakl#Antenna stuck

… but came out of this state when a new scan arrived, before I had time to fix it (Chris)

Yarragadee 12m: Disk VSN: HOB+0118 Data volume at beginning: 20GB

00:22 UT: Connection with eremotectrl lost - monitoring from pcfs only (Imogen)

22:27 UT: DBBC channels 05 - 09 (X-band) have high Tsys values. Probably RFI. This has also been noted in a checklist. (Chris)

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