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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hb Disk VSN: HOB+0126, Data volume at beginning: 5841 GB

00:00 UT - Experiment started OK (vk)

07:35 UT - Windstow (vk)

07:43 UT - Appears to have restarted on it's own w/o me being aware of it, as I was focused on starting up MoniCA. Estimated missed scans: 025-0734 to 025-0743.

23:45 UT - Disk_pos 80 GB short at end of experiment (Ross).

Ke Disk VSN: USN+0225, Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

00:00 UT - Experiment started OK (vk)

Yg Disk VSN: HOB+0033, Data volume at beginning: 0 GB

00:00 UT - Experiment started OK (vk)

Note: In the previous observation (aug004yg) the observer (Chris Jordan) noted difficulties in recording to bank A in mk5yg and therefore moved the module to bank B to record observations. Chris then warned that this issue might arise for aug005yg as well. However I have found no problem in recording to bank A at the start: disk_pos appears to be increasing as expected and autocorrelations are OK. (vk)

00:27 UT - As was the case in aug004 observations, we still have bogus values from iread: (vk)





08:45 UT - Yg disk_pos drifting. 50 GB short. 2 hours ago it was 20 GB short.

10:25 UT - Instance of “ALARM: Large difference between formatter and maser delays. Check for stability of new offset.” However, fmset showed no differences in the times and subsequent readings show normal ddif. Weird. (vk)

23:48 UT - Disk_pos 95 GB short at end of experiment (Ross).

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