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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!

AuScope "Bedroom"

There is a very bad burning smell in the room. Liza noticed it at 5pm on Friday and Security was called but they didn't come. When I took over for my shift at 11pm, Liza said it smelt worse (after leaving the window open for her entire shift) and she phoned Security again. This time they said they'd come and have a look but didn't (or the sight of me asleep on the floor in the main room terrified them and they just ran away). The only solution we came up with was to close both doors.

Liza and I dragged the mattress out in front of ops2 and an I just slept there (I think it may actually be more comfortable than sleeping on the frame…)

If you concerned about this during your shift, maybe you will have better luck convincing someone to come take a look…

Good luck, Ellen


David Horsley, 2015/03/21 00:32

I think it's coming from the heater/ventilation.

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