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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Experiment started OK 00:00, all modules blank: Hb - HOB+0118/16000, Ke: HOB+1008/16000, Yg: HOB+0118/32000 And yes, that's correct, we have two different modules with identical VSNs: HOB+0118/16000 in Hb and HOB+0118/32000 in Yg. Both are used for AUST38 and AUST39.

Hb: strong spikes in ch 14,15)

Ke: S band, esp. ch11, 12, 15 – strange autocorr bandpass, extremely high Tsys (150-185K). RFI? Bad calibration?

Yg: DIMino program fails sporadically (scans 221-0101 - 0108 are lost); S band Tsys in ch 12, 13, 14 is too high (105-120K)

All: autocorr bandpass in ch.14 looks “steep” in all three antennas.


Imogen Jones, 2014/08/09 13:34

The Katherine delay difference has been drifting between .300 and .315 us

Imogen Jones, 2014/08/09 13:36

tsys on SBand at Katherine has also been very high at times throughout my shift

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