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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


The disk positions are recorded on the printout (fairly early in the experiment) as too many scans were missed and there was no connection to Ke and Yg to figure out the start diks pos of the experiment End person (Warren) will have to look through the logs just for the first couple of scans to see which ones were actually recorded.


  1. mk5 returned errors stating the that mk5 can't record while data transfers (for some reason this did not set off the alarm like it did at Ke)
  2. these errors were returned during the 1st couple of scans so I don't know if they're any good
  3. log reported that recording stopped mid scan 222-0016a (at UT00:16:42) and then reported that the next scan was 0013 (???)
  4. this ridiculous notion of re-recording a previous scan I think is what caused the field system to crash, missing all scans after this until 0036: e-remote doesn't work well as a time machine evidently
  5. schedule resumed at scan 0036 (disk pos: 5382.679)
  6. All S band tsys values too high for entire experiment


  1. Alarms went off right at the beginning of the experiment saying things like (mk5-900): “can't record while data transfers”, “not while other activity”
  2. This went on until the field system had a fit and Jamie had to restart - again, I have no idea how usable any of these scans are
  3. first recorded scan after FS fit was 222-0041 (disk pos: 5843.831)
  4. Tsys values in bands 09-12 always too high (band 09 approximately 180K)


  1. no connection throughout the start of the experiment but presumably, similar errors arose
  2. first scan after finally re-connecting was 222-0044 (diskpos: 5996.523)
  3. Tsys values in band 11 consistently 50K

Schedule errors day 222 22:32:31 and 22:33:27, requests to Mk5 recorder ( for scan_check perhaps?) while recording. Recording continued despite error messages.

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