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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



hb HOB+0119
ke HOB+0122
yg HOB+0120


1000 UTC: Int. T. reading red at 55 C. The internal temperature of the maser unit has risen to warning levels. Monica shows that the maser room temperature has risen since about 0 UTC on 27/8 reaching a peak at 0800 UTC and is now falling again. Brett informed. Martin to investigate in the morning (~2000 UTC).

1200 UTC: Int. T. now at 48 C and warning light off in maser monitor.

1300 UTC: Delay difference has been drifted since start of experiment. This seems to be coming from the formatter.

1315 UTC: Drift rate increased. Rebooting and formatting the DBBC.

2208 UTC: fmout seems to have been stable since UT18:00

1330 UTC: Resumed after reboot. Monitoring offsets.

1750 UTC: Delay difference drifting again. Trying another reconf.

2209 UTC: fmout seems to have been stable since UT18:00

0115 UTC: Large difference between formatter and GPS. Halted schedule to run fmset. This did not fix the problem. Jamie restarted the DBBC and reconfigured Schedule starting again at UT02:14.

0702 UTC: Formatter to GPS has remained stabled till the end of observations.

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