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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hb Module HOB+0118 start pos 4831 GB

  • 00:06 UT experiment finished about 750 GB behind the schedule for no reason (Ellen)

Ke Module HOB+0131 start pos 5310 GB

  • 00:01 UT e-remote would not connect (according to Jesse it had been doing this for ages). Restarting e-remote fixed it for me, but it also caused Yg e-remote to close!! (Ellen)
  • 00:39 UT “checkmk5” was not defined in the proc file and so no autocorrelation spectra were being generated which Jamie then fixed. First proper checkmk5 at 00:41 UT (Ellen)
  • 02:07 UT e-remote would not open a checklist until 7th attempt, then as soon as I completed it e-remote just shut down (interesting new features…) (Ellen)
  • 02:50 UT e-remote stopped responding and now won't close. (Ellen)
  • Gave up and started using original e-remote (JS)
  • 19:09:09 UT clock jump at Katherine, schedule halted at 19:14 for DBBC reconf. Bad scans: 327-1908 to 1912b, missed scans 1914 to 1936. As soon as the clock jump was fixed, the field system crashed, but not before mk5 could start recording. Recording continuously between 19:37 UT and 19:47 UT. More missed scans before schedule resumed (1937 to 1954a). (Ellen)

Yg Module HOB+0119 start pos 5132 GB

  • 00:27 UT Tsys bands 13, 14 consistently too high (between ~130 and 200) (Ellen)
  • 02:05 UT Tsys band 12 now above 100 as well (Ellen)
  • 22:10 UT e-remote just closed for no reason at all. FS was still running so no scans missed. DID NOT reconnect to the log monitor. I had to create another log file. (Ellen)
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