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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Disk VSN: HOB+0125

Data Volume at Beginning: 6016.683 GB

  • Disk does not have VSN assigned.
  • Really bad connection to Katherine - I had to do setup with vncviewer, as I couldn't get eremote to connect.
  • 1800 UT Experiment started
  • 1800 UT Large Delay through dbbc. Reformatting dbbc. (Bryn)
  • 1810 UT resumed schedule (Bryn)
  • 1825 UT Field system locked up - can't enter anything in operin. Restarting fs. (Bryn)
  • 1830 UT Resumed experiment, first scan 172-1835 with source 1920-211 (Bryn)


Disk VSN: HART+104

Data Volume at Beginning: 6080.328 GB

  • 18:00UT Experiment started OK (Bryn)
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