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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Disk Module: BKG-0062

Start Disk Poisition: 0.705 GBs

  • 18:10 UT Experiment started late and schedule file would not load. Re-drudged and schedule worked. Missed scans 335-1800. 335-1808. First scan 335-1816 (Lucas).
  • 07:54 UT - Alarm reporting illegal state with the drives. Also gave an error reading the system clock. “source=disable” and “antenna=open” seemed to fix it. (Ellen)
  • 07:59 UT - Alarm reporting “error s5 -104 rfpcn: time-out, connection closed”. Restarted rxmon, seems to have fixed it. Scans reporting error 336-0759 and 336-0803. (Ellen)


Disk Module:USN-0131

Start Disk Poisition: 0705 GBs

  • 18:00 UT Experiment started okay (Lucas).
  • 06:18 UT - Noticed that we're now recording to USN-0198. Checking logs and 741 GB was recorded before the module swapped at 02:33 UT. (Ellen)
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