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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



2016.202.17:44:42 Total data recorded = 395 GB, module HOB+0114

Antenna went to stow at end of RD1606, I started the next schedule quickly and halted to prevent this.

  • 1800UT: Experiment Started Okay.(Lucas)
  • 2130UT: fs and eremote crashed. ERC server had to be restarted (Lucas).
  • Schedule re-started at 2257UT, first scan 0332-403 (Lucas).
  • 1710UT missed source 1619-680 slewing


Module HAY-0047, beginning disk_pos=6.458GB

1800UT: Experiment Started Okay.(Lucas)

0138 - Power loss to front end - iread power levels 0, no IF bandpasses on spectrum analyser, no rfpic response. Martin has been contacted to investigate the power supply in the pedestal. Bad UPS suspected, or perhaps a circuit breaker. (JMc)


Module HAY-0062, beginning disk_pos=7.163GB.

1800UT: Experiment Started Okay (Lucas)

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