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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



  • All antennas are required onsource for valid data so when Katherine had it's problems this caused the whole experiment to start v late (Lucas).
  • Procedure library didn't drudge correctly and almost all mode changes were not done from 0400-0720. Procedure library from mv001 was copied over to all sites and the experiment continued. This did not set off an alarm. First scan with correct proc file No0296.


Disk module HOB+118/16000, start position 0.000GBs

  • Experiment started late. First scan no0133 @ 0400 UT.


Disk module HOB+0130/32000, start position 0.000GBs

  • Experiment started late.
    • Dbbc required power-cycling;
    • system monitor reported LO status UNLOCKED! however after rxmon was restarted this proved to be incorrect.
    • Drives did not turn on, was getting error st -8 power on time-out. On HMI “E STOP” was red, indicating that either water or an animal had tripped the emergency stop and needed to call Mick so he could re-start.
  • First scan no0133 @ 0400 UT.

* MARK5B time is 0.418.. seconds out of sync with Field system and and cannot be synced despite reboots of FS, MARK5B and dbbc. Attempting to sync the mk5 in fmset results in no change as does '.'. Due to this all data is time-stamped >20us offset (aka 0.418 to an insufficient accuracy) and cannot be correlated. All data will be deleted from modules to make way for MV004 AND MV005.


Disk module HOB+0128/32000, start position 0.000GBs

  • Experiment started late.
    • DBBC needed poser cycling.
  • First scan no0133 @ 0400 UT.
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