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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Module HOB+0120, 0.00GBs.

  • Many wind-stows:
    • -00:27:29
    • 00:34:01-00:39:26.15


Module HOB+0130, recorded 1043.582 GBs previously.

  • Power outage, antenna got stuck after the system recovered:
    • halt
    • disk_record=off
    • antenna=off
    • terminate
    • in timeke, HMI, 'reset drives', wait until both comms stati are green
    • fs
    • proc=mv004ke
    • setup01
    • antenna=open
    • antenna=operate
    • source=stow

And it moved. Then I restarted the schedule. Generator status was 'in auto-off' so I assumed the power came on without any problems.


Module HOB+0100, 0.00GBs

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