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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m

Disk VSN: HOB+0069/8000 | Data volume at beginning: 943.1 GB

  • 1816UT wind died down enough and antenna begun tracking.
    • Therefore first source was 0605-085, scan_No 309-1816, all scans previous assumed missed.
  • One of the IF's was tripping a silent alarm (no alarm or beep, but seems kinda serious tbh) about having no default value. ifdsx was not fully defined, so just had to fill in ifc=2,agc,2,32500 & ifd=2,agc,2,35000. To be fair I seem to remember seeing this in the setup notes.
    • Fixed as of 20:00 UT
    • 23:15 UT confirm ifdsx is now correct (warren)
    • 23:47 wind stowed missed scans from 309-2349 through 310-0015 (warren)
    • 00:17 back on source from scan 310-0019 (w)
    • 02:37 wind stowed missed scans from 310-0236 through 310-1141 (w)
    • 13:17 UT wind stowed, halt schedule. missed scans from 310-1317 through 310-1503a (mas)
    • 15:47 UT wind stowed, halt schedule. missed scans from 310-1547 through 310-1722 (mas)

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: USN-0182/2000 (489 GB) and HOB+0127/32000 | Data volume at beginning USN-0182 : 1046.2 GB

  • Experiment started okay (Lucas).
  • R1919 data already on disk, not enough space for current OHG122 (warren)
  • 02:35 reset dbbc gains (w)
  • 04:15 tried to load next disk and crashed mk5yg, missed scan 310-0415 through 310-0431 (w)
  • 04:38 resumed schedule at scan 310-0438b recording now on HOB+0127 (489 GB OHG122 recorded to USN-0182) (w)
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