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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



  • no O'Higgins module in the mk5. Recording to HOB+1008 with AUSTALs. 11113.5 GB (Lucia)
  • (17:15UTLooks like econt crashed at some point here. Getting “No PCFS activity for 155 minutes” +) but field system is running and responding, and scans seem to be fine nested amongst a host of “Remote access: user with alias 'oper(1)' logged out” (JS)


  • recording to module with O'Higgins experiments. HOB-0041. Disk pos 1021.1 GB (Lucia)
  • (17:30UT) system temperatures are nuts range from -6000K to 21000K across all channels! (JS)
  • (19:25 UT) Looks like the above system temperature issues are related to power level issues. This may have affected several scans towards the end of the experiment.(JS)


  • recording to empty 2TB module. BKG-0037. 0.0 GB. (Lucia)
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