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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Fringe checks not performed otherwise started on time.


  • Frequent error: “Error being ignored: error qk -211 tsys value for device id overflowed or was less than zero.”
  • Bands 07 - 12 high, approximately 130 - 140K.
  • Recording to BKG+0133.


  • power failure caused antenna stuck & missed scans: 238-0301 - 238-0333b, @ 03:00-03:40; clkoff reading was wrong. restart mk5 necessary.
  • Scans missed/large clkoff: 238-0040b - 238-140b (00:40-01:40 UT). first good scan again: 238-0142 @ 01:42:32
  • missed scans occurred after schedule power failure. Generator jumped on, but we got an awkwardly high delay difference.
  • Tsys in band 09 greater consistently than 190K.
  • Recording to WSRT-049.


  • eRemote connection failed within 5 minutes of starting and on numerous other occasions for up to half an hour.
  • Frequent warnings : “2014.237.19:37:27 WARNING: error s1 -200 odd response from the pic. aborting….” and “2014.237.19:37:29 WARNING: error s1 -201 ifpcn: error response from ifpic, see s1 -200 error for text.”
  • Recording to OSOD-054.
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