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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



  • Recording to 6TB module USN-0054 in bank A, +0GB (Ross).
  • 17:00 UT: Experiment started OK (Ross).
  • (Jesse) Manual module swap (w/ Brett and Liza) swap at ~00:47:20 UT, schedule restart (line #1758) onsource at 00:51:08.20 UT (Note: This scan was due to start at 00:51:03 UT)


  • Recording to 2TB module IAA-0023 in bank B, +0GB (Ross).
  • 17:00 UT: Experiment started OK (Ross).
  • 19:34 UT: Large jump in time offset, -0.2703s at 19:32:58 and -0.4028s at 19:34:04, up to -1.1178s at 19:40:06, schedule halted (Ross).
  • 19:41 UT: Field system reset, time offset steady at -0.0689s, schedule restarted (Ross).
  • 19:51 UT: Time offset greater than -1s again, schedule halted (Ross).
  • 20:24 UT: Restarted DBBC and resynced field system, time offset stable at -0.0034s, schedule resumed (Ross).
  • Missed scans 293-1932 through 293-2029 (Ross). ~60 GB short (VK)
  • 06:37 UT: ~40 GB short as opposed to exp. 60


  • Recording to 2TB module NYAL-019 in bank B, +0GB (Ross).
  • 17:00 UT: Experiment started OK (Ross).

+SUMMARY Qcode % of Total % of Correlated

              scans          scans     

5-9 94% -

 0              4%             - 

4-1,A-H,N 2% - Removed - -



HOBART12 (Hb/d): A few G-codes due to lower signal amplitude in the

                last two channels of the S-band.

KATH12M (Ke/a): Missed scans from UT 293-1934 to UT 293-2032, because

                FS had to be resynced.

YARRA12M (Yg/i): Ok.

Problems: Several clock breaks at Hobart12. Breaks set at 00:33

        (-3.44 nsec) and at 11:52 (-.67 nsec). Also the scans 
        from ~22:23-22:56 on the HB baselines are offset by 
        ~.7 nsec and were deselected.
        There may be one or two breaks at Yarragadee, but they
        are not so clear and applying one did not help. The 
        clock constraint was relaxed instead to 6.E-14.

Parameterization comments: None.

Other comments: Hart15m reported bad refraction corrections for

        the first 14 hrs, but the data looks okay.

Session Statistics

Observations:     6207 scheduled 
                  6118 correlated (in database)
                  5588 recoverable (usable)
                  5350 used
Session fit:        36.954 ps

Station Performance

                         Number of Observations
                  Scheduled   Recoverable*        Used   % of scheduled
                                                            obs used
HOBART12               1108           977          918        82.9%
KATH12M                1323          1188         1153        87.2%
YARRA12M               1163          1045          983        84.5%
---------------   ---------   -----------    ---------       ------
Station Total**        6207          5588         5350        86.2%
  • Recoverable: can be included in the solution.
  • * Total includes distinct observations only.
MISSED:    Station was scheduled, but it did not observe.
NOT CORR:  Station was scheduled but not correlated.
NOT USED:  Usable data was generated for this station,
           but the analyst rejected it all.

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