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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



  • USN0-0202 (vk)
  • Noticed that the mark 5 formatter offset is just above 5ms, still within normal parameters, but not usually that high, need to keep an eye on it (Imogen)


  • UAO-0026 (vk)
  • 05:11UT antenna stuck - scan 308-0511 is rubbish, schedule halted after this, waiting for Martin to manually fix. We (Brett, Jamie and I) tried resetting and rebooting everything, but antenna stayed in a state where it was not permitted to drive - ie PERMIT was RED, with INACTIVE and BRAKE ON. (EM)
  • 06:22UT re-cycling the power didn't fix it, experiment scrapped for Katherine, Jamie says people will investigate it tomorrow (EM)


  • HOB+0096 (vk) - Also contains AUST56/57. Needs to be delivered to Hobart immediately after observations.
  • Start disk_pos 10043.532 GB

Correlator notes:


Qcode      % of Total   % of Correlated 
               scans          scans     
5-9            83%            93%   
0              2%             3%    
4-1,A-H,N        4%             4% 
Removed         11%             - 



HOBART12 (Hb/d): A few (5-10%) non-detections in S-band.

KATH12M (Ke/a): No data after UT 308-0511. Station reported:

YARRA12M (Yg/i): A few (5%) non-detections in S-band.

Problems: HOBART12 has a small clock break at ~06:27 (-.67 nsec).

        YARRA12M has 3 small clock breaks, at ~17:11, ~23:30, and
         ~00:17. Only the 00:17 break (+.73 nsec) is set and the
         others require deselecting a few dozen observations.
        KATH12M died after the first 12 hrs, reason unknown.

Station Performance

                         Number of Observations
                  Scheduled   Recoverable*        Used   % of scheduled
                                                            obs used
HOBART12                936           731          703        75.1%
KATH12M                1108           581          552        49.8%
YARRA12M               1078           862          796        73.8%
---------------   ---------   -----------    ---------       ------
Station Total**        4418          3537         3341        75.6%
  • Recoverable: can be included in the solution.
  • * Total includes distinct observations only.
MISSED:    Station was scheduled, but it did not observe.
NOT CORR:  Station was scheduled but not correlated.
NOT USED:  Usable data was generated for this station,
           but the analyst rejected it all.
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