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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 12m:

Disk VSN:OSOD-118 / IAA-0028

Data volume at beginning:0 / 0 GB, schedule at 730 GB.

  • pointing: 329.4502 29.6346 -0.00238 0.00285 0.00262 0.00323 1 1 virgoa (Dave)
  • Fringes found with Ke on source 3C273. (Dave)
  • Fringes found with Ke and Yg on source 1921-293 (Dave)
  • 04:00UT: mk5hb crashed after module swap of second bank. Missed scans 167-0333 to 167-0405b. From scan 0410a on recording to module IAA-0028 (0.0 GB). New clock synchronisation set. (Lucia)
  • 06:50UT: communication to antenna lost (ERROR reading system clock; TCP/IP connection closed; Mbus error). Connection reset by “antenna=open”. Affected scan: 167-0645. (Lucia)

Katherine 12m:

Disk VSN:IAA-0014/1500

Data volume at beginning:0

  • pointing: 336.3554 60.9888 -0.00033 -0.01518 0.00632 0.00260 1 1 virgoa (Dave)
  • Fringes found with Hb on source 3C273. (Dave)
  • Fringes found with Hb and Yg on source 1921-293 (Dave)
  • NB: module is only 1500 GB, whereas expected size of experiment is 1580 GB. This was not noticed until data was on the module. Last 80 GB will need to be transported another way. (Dave) - Liza says the solution will be to swap to the other bank, since no one is a the station today (Lucia).
  • 2015.167.11:43:34 ALARM: Delay through DBBC has changed. Monitor for stability and reset DBBC if it drifts.
  • 11:56 UT - dbbc rebooted and recording resumed, missed scans 167-1143 through 167-1153 (Ross).

Yarragadee 12m:

Disk VSN:SHAO-010/2000

Data volume at beginning: 0

  • pointing: 7.7708 48.3299 0.00370 0.01332 0.01095 0.00600 1 1 virgoa (Dave)
  • Fringes found with Hb and Ke on source 1921-293 (Dave)
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