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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m:

Disk VSN:HOB+0015/6000/

Data volume at beginning: 1127 GB

  • 16:57UT - Jim Palfreyman's Vela observing started automatically at 16:57UT, slewing to Vela 15 minutes later. Affected scans: 208-1720, 208-1730

Katherine 12m:

Disk VSN: BKG-0006/1480/

Data volume at beginning: 0

  • 17:30UT - Missed first scans due to field system terminal requiring password, first scan 208-1730 (Ross)
  • 20:18UT - Recording for first scan has not stopped, other scans may have been tracked and recorded. Field system restarted but contact could not be re-established after several reboots (Ross).
  • 21:47UT - Connection to pcfske established but schedule could not be restarted, date set at 2007 (Ross).
  • 22:40UT-23:20UT - pcfs running fine, fs running, fmset shows all times aligned. However ps log window shows times 08:10 or so. Antenna trips (antenna slewing, antenna stuck) when trying to slew to the source. Rebooted pcfs (Liza)
  • 23:25UT - pcfske set up to observe, with 208-2328 being first recorded scan. Also may be useful previous scans: 208-1730, first 2GB (Liza)
  • After each scan recorded pcfs fs log window shows prompt for password:
    23:48:21#antcn#TR $$/208.23:48:21.11   90.1994   53.2181    0.0001   -0.0002
    23:48:21#antcn#CO                      -0.3403    0.4509    0.0718    0.0168 

    If any key is not pressed, all subsequent activity of fs is locked. (Liza)

  • 00:10UT - Culprit is identified as weather command in midob. GA weather station seems to be changed in some way and asking for password. Disabled wht command in midobs for now. No weather information since beginning of experiment. (Liza)
  • Repeatedly antenna tracking outside of tolerance (23:20 onwards):
     #antcn#Antenna outside nominal tracking tolerance of 0.0045 degrees, current tolerance 0.0100.
  • 01:55UTC - wth recording re-enabled following implementation of the new security measures at the station (by Jamie) (Liza)
  • S-band Tsys are high (105-155K)
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