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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



VSN: BKG-0006

Offset: 0

  • Exp started late as need to change receiver from last exp. (Dave)
  • Dubious attenuation and tsys til 1720. (Dave)



Offset: 0

  • Good pointing fit (Dave)
  • Fringes found with Yg (Dave)


VSN: IAA-0028

Offset: 56.6 GB

  • 236/0730 UT: Could not record to module IAA-0028 in Bank A of mk5yg — Dimino locks up and requires killing. Could record to HART+101 in Bank B OK. Swap modules: IAA-0028 to Bank B, HART+101 to Bank A. Can't record to HART+101 in Bank A without dim locking up either. Bank A is misbehaving. If we need to swap modules, it may need to go into Bank B. Resetting mk5yg did not fix the problem. (Dave)
  • Good pointing fit (Dave)
  • Fringes found with Ke (Dave)
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