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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Hobart 26m

Module: HOB+1004, start pos: 4819.273 GB

Windstowed 0436-052 (JMc)

Major antenna failure after 1330 UT (Ross)


Module: HAY-0062, start pos: 159.511 GB

Network interruption at ~0300 with associated clock break - likely a brief power glitch. pps_delay through dbbc showed slippage between 0300 and 0315 although no dot? errors. Reconfigured DBBc at 0315, schedule resumed at 0320. (JMc)

Scans affected: 265-0258 to 265-0318

2015.265.16:12:01 ALARM: Delay through DBBC has changed. Scans 265-1611a through 1615b affected (Ross).

2015.265.16:36:03 ALARM: Delay through DBBC has changed. Scans 265-1635 through 1641a affected (Ross).


Module: USN-0036, start pos: 140.456 GB

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