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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Beginning disk position - 2016.221.15:53:44 Total data recorded = 1.410 GB on HOB+0.119

  • Experiment Started OK (Lucas)
  • possible RFI in x-band expected, due to nearby aeroplane exercise (Lucia).
  • 04:44UT: Checklist comments: Tsys in channel 11 saturating, keep watching it. Autocorrelations: spike in channel 12; (Lucia)
  • 06:42UT: Tsys has normalised now, so has the Autocorrelation spectrum (Lucia)


Beginning disk position - 2016.221.15:53:42 Total data recorded = 3.013 GB on NYAL-0.25

  • Experiment Started OK (Lucas)
  • 2230UT - Unable to view maser status in vncviewer, either by the quick access desktop nor terminal. Terminal reports back 'unable to find route (113)' however the maserdelay commands still works and reports normal delays. In addition, vnc's to the Katherine maser work and to the pcfsyg, but the yg rack camera appears offline. (Lucas)
  • 01:43UT - vnc to maser works again (Lucia)
  • 01:43UT - no weather data logged due to broken weather sensor. Repair is underway. (Lucia)
  • 04:47UT - continuously trailing behind in recorded data. Now at 34 GB. (Lucia)
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