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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!



Keep getting ACU time errors. As far as I can tell from my reading on the wiki page this is fine, however annoying. I tried the method from R1766 when Jamie fixed it with 'rebooting the drives in hmi' however all the reboots I could think of haven't worked. Error is ACU time differenced exceeds 0.25 seconds.

Module CURT+102/6000/, start position 0.385 GBs

  • Experiment started okay, although I got an alarm about rfpic time-out, pretty sure this is a known problem (Lucas).
  • rfpcn alarm keep going off. Just for fun I tried restarting rxmon a few times, didn't work. Since we recently talked about this in the meeting I'm assuming the pic is still broken so gonna turn the alarm off in the alarm_actions files (Lucas).


Module USN-0093/4000/, start position 1.090 GBs

  • wth not returning any values (Lucas).
  • Experiment started okay (Lucas).


Module USN-0067/4000/, start position 0.385 GBs

  • wth reporting values however isn't inserting them into email (Lucas).
  • Experiment started okay (Lucas).
  • 22:25 UT despite the lack of errors YG has steadily lost 13 GBs of data since the beginning of the experiment (Lucas).
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