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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Katherine 12m

Disk VSN: HOB+1010/16000/1024 | Data volume at beginning: 13529.39 GB

  • 1700UT - Experiment started OK (Tiege).
  • 2135UT - Have noticed something appears wrong with the cross-over switches currently at Ke. They are currently just displaying numbers. Will investigate. (Tiege).
  • 2142UT - Halted the schedule and tried running xodirect, this returned an rfpcn timeout. Needed to restart Rxmon on pcfske, then run xodirect in the field system to fix. Unsure if this was just being displayed wrong (hence Rxmon needing a restart) or if the switches were not actually in 'direct'. Missed scan 098-2140a (Tiege)

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: BKG+0137/2000/1024 | Data volume at beginning: 0.192 GB

  • 1700UT - Experiment started OK (Tiege).
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