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This wiki is not maintained! Do not use this when setting up AuScope experiments!


Katherine 12m

Disk VSN: HAY-0047 | Data volume at beginning: 0.705 GB

  1. 1700 experiment started OK (mas)
  2. Tsys negative values (~-200 to ~-100)? (Lim)
  3. 0742 UT - “No space left on device”. Warren deleted some old files on pcfske. Experiment resumed at 0818 UT. Missed scans: 163-0742a, 163-0747a, 163-0749, 163-0755, 163-0759 (Lim)
  4. 09:31 UT - ALARM: error m5 -104 mk5cn: time-out, connection closed. Failed to open terminal from within the pcfs. mk5 records normally, auto-correlation still updates on spectra.php, get_stats OK (Lim).
  5. 09:31 UT - Can't open display in pcfske: “Client is not authorized to connect to Servergv” and “Client is not authorized to connect to serverxterm Xt” (Lim).
  6. 1619UT ALARM: error m5 -900 : not while recording or playing. Everything was fine. Didn't know what caused it. Searched on wiki about it and saw that it can be ignored. Any theories, Jamie?? (Jay)

Yarragadee 12m

Disk VSN: USN-0150 | Data volume at beginning: 0.769 GB

  1. 1700 experiment started OK (mas)
  2. received consistent error “error being ignored: error sp -4 unrecognized name (not a function or procedure) after each scan. Have informed Warren (mas)
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